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Welcome to SeagoMac Wildlife

Our gardenThrough this site we hope to share our love of wildlife. We have a small garden in a village in Suffolk which we have tried to make as wildlife friendly as we can. We grow some of our own food, have planted insect friendly flowers, have log piles for insects and have a wildlife pond which each year has plenty of frogs and common newts breeding in it. We have four Hedgehog houses, two hedgehog feeding stations and we often have up to 5 to 10 hedgehogs visiting on a regular basis. We also have several bird and bat boxes. We are currently replacing the paved patio under our arbor with a wild flower turf to make a small wild flower meadow.

Jonathan is a keen wildlife photographer and we have included a gallery of some of his photos.

This year we have installed several cameras so we can watch the wildlife and get a better understanding of their habits. We have a camera in a bird box, two of our hedgehog houses, in our two hedgehog feeding stations, one overlooking a blackbirds nest (we hope that they return again this year) and two more cameras in a double swift box that Jonathan has made.

Check out the links above for videos from the cameras and for more information on what we have done in the garden to make it wildlife friendly, and on how we put the camera network together.

If you have any feedback, or have any questions, please contact us:

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Things that you can do to make your garden more wildlife friendly

  • Don't use any chemical weed killers, slug pellets or pesticides.

  • Create a wildlife pond (but don't put fish in it as they will eat all the wildlife).

  • Put up bird nesting boxes.

  • Plant trees and shrubs with berries that birds like.

  • Plant nectar rich plants that Bees, Bumblebees, Butterflies and Moths will be attracted to.

  • Make an insect and bug hotel.

  • Put up bat boxes.

  • Have a log pile or two with some rotting logs, great for encouraging a variety of insects.

  • If you have the space let a little bit of your garden go a bit wild, perhaps add a wild-flower area.

  • Put in Hedgehog Highways to let Hedgehogs roam through the local gardens.

  • Make a frog, toad and newt abode out of some old bricks, rocks or logs.

  • Don't have your garden too tidy. Leave that leaf litter, a great home for bugs and insects, it will also be good sleeping litter for Hedgehogs.

  • Forget about having a bowling green lawn and allow the clover and daisies to grow in your lawn to attract bumblebees and bees.

For more information on these see our 'How to make you garden wildlife friendly' page.