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Blackbird nest camera

We have a Blackbirds nest in amongst the Climbing Hydrangea on the side off our garage that was used last year. We are hoping that they might reuse it again this year, therefore we have put a camera looking at it. Let's hope that they do nest again this year.

Blackbird Camera

As you can see I had to tie down one on the branches that was in the way of the camera. In about a months time the leaf cover will be so thick you wont be able to see the nest or the camera.

Blackbird Camera

I mounted the camera onto a piece of exterior grade plywood which was in turn screw to a block of wood which was then screwed to the brickwork. A hole was then drilled through the brickwork for the data cable and the hole filled with brown mastic. In order to protect the camera from rain splashes on the dome I added a plastic cowl over the top. The whole thing and the camera were then covered in camouflage tape to try and let it blend in better.

Sadly the Blackbirds didn't re-use the nest this year but a pair of Wood Pigeons made a nest right behind this camera and successfully reared a chick, which fleged.