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Garden Camera videos

We have a camera on our patio over looking the Hedgehog feeding station. We often put out cat food in a bowl to give a bit of variation.


You will find below some video from the garden camera.




This video is about a hedgehog called Mollie and what she got up to during one night in December 2023.

Nice to get some colour footage of one of our resident hedgehogs that came in late one morning.

Here is a video of the comings and going through our Hedgehog Highway on 3rd June 2021. It is interesting to see how many stopped to have a drink from the water bowl that is always there.

I was checking one of our Hedgehog Highway cameras and saw this little fella come through and pick up a really tasty snack 😁.

A male Hedgehog tries to get amorous with a female Hedgehog.

Two Hedgehogs have a tussle over a food bowl.

A Hedgehog comes down for a drink of water.

A rather aggressive hog head butting another hog feeding on some cat food.

A hedgehog who we call 'White Spot' due to the mark on his back, feeding on some cat food.