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Hedgehog FoodWhat do we feed the Hedgehogs in the Feeding Station?

We feed our hedgehogs a mixture of wet and dried food. The dried food we use is especially made for Hedgehogs, although from reading post on various hedgehog forums Tesco's Kitten biscuits are quite popular. The make we currently use is a Premium Hedgehog Food made by Riverside Woodcraft. It is mainly made from chicken and it is a balanced and nutritional complete dry food for hedgehogs. It comes in small kibble size pieces ideal for a hedgehog. Apparently the kibble will also help to keep the hedgehog's teeth clean naturally as they crunch through the food.

They supply it in various weights from 500g to 5kg. The Hedgehog food comes in nice hessian sacks and they use straw as the packing material in the box that it is sent in, which is nice and environmentally friendly.

We now have 2 Hedgehog feeding stations! We were keen to give the hedgehogs a bit of a choice between wet and dried food. So we trailed putting out some Tescos meat based wet cat food just in bowls in front of the feeder. This seemed to go down well although we noted from the Patio camera that one of our local neighbours cats wasn't as fussy about their food as our cats were and would scoff it down before the hedgehogs could get a look in some nights so we invested in another feeder to deter the neighbours cat. So one feeding station has the dried food in it and the other has the wet cat food.

When you are feeding them don't forget to put out some fresh water. This is particularly important if you are feeding them on dried foods. Whatever you do, don't put out milk, as hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and this will give them the trots. Also don't put out mealworms as although the hedgehogs will love eating them it will unfortunately give them Metabolic Bone Disease due to the high levels of phosphorus contained in mealworms. See our page on what to and what not to feed Hedghogs.

When feeding hedgehogs we use a heavy ceramic low profile bowl. Some hedgehogs can tend to blunder about in the feeding station and often stand on the sides of the bowls and sometimes they even sit in the feeding bowls. If you use anything unstable or lightweight the hedgehogs will easily flip it over creating quite a mess.

The video below illustrates why you need a stable feeding bowl.

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl