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Hedgehog FoodWhat do we feed the Hedgehogs in the Feeding Station?

We usually use dried food especially made for Hedgehogs. The make we currently use is a Premium Hedgehog Food made by Riverside Woodcraft. It is mainly made from chicken and it is a balanced and nutritional complete dry food for hedgehogs. It comes in small kibble size pieces ideal for a hedgehog. Apparently the kibble will also help to keep the hedgehog's teeth clean naturally as they crunch through the food.

They supply it in various weights from 500g to 5kg. The Hedgehog food comes in nice hessian sacks and they use straw as the packing material in the box that it is sent in, which is nice and environmentally friendly.

We also try to vary the food we give them a little and sometimes feed them cat food , usually it is Chicken or Turkey flavoured. Don't try and feed them any fish flavoured cat foods though. Funnily enough we have found that they don't come in to the feeding station when we put cat food in it. I think that is because hedgehogs rather feed by smell and touch. The cat food doesn't seem to have a strong smell where as the dried food we use does. We often leave some cat food out just away from the feeding station and still have the dried food in the feeding station. From our garden camera we can see that the cat food has been eaten by hedgehogs.

When you are feeding them don't forget to put out some fresh water. This is particularly important if you are feeding them on dried foods. Whatever you do, don't put out milk, as this will give them the trots.

When feeding hedgehogs we use a heavy ceramic low profile bowl. Some hedgehogs can tend to blunder about in the feeding station and often stand on the sides of the bowls and sometimes they even sit in the feeding bowls. If you use anything unstable or lightweight the hedgehogs will easily flip it over creating quite a mess.

The video below illustrates why you need a stable feeding bowl.

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl