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How to make your garden Hedgehog Friendly

Here is a great video made by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on how to make your garden Hedgehog friendly.

HedgepigWays to make your garden Hedgehog friendly
  • Let areas of garden grow wild to mimic the hedgehogs’ natural habitat.

  • Have a log pile or two of rotting wood which Will attract: insects and other critters that hedgehogs will feed on.

  • Provide some form of shelter in the colder months by installing a hedgehog house, or through logs piles and compost heaps.

  • Don't be too tidy about picking up those fallen leaves as they will form a great home for beetles and other invertabrates that the Hedgehogs will feed on. Also the dried leaves will make good bedding that Hedghogs will pull into their sleeping accomodation.

  • Don't use garden chemicals such as slug pellets.

  • Leave out water and foods such as meat based cat food or a dried Hedgehog food.

  • Consider installing Hedgehog Highways by putting holes in garden fences/gates or planting hedgerows to help hedgehogs move between gardens.

  • If you have a pond put in a sloping edge or some hedgehog ladders so that they can get out if they fall in (see ours that we made).

  • Check out any long grass for Hedgehogs before strimming.