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Hedgehog nest box videos




Here below are some video from the hedgehog nest box cameras.


When you have just got to scratch that itch!

A Hedgehog nest building in one of our Hedgehog houses in our Suffolk garden - August 2023. I always find it so lovely watching Hedgehogs building nests and collecting up leaves in their mouths. It just goes to show that you need to leave the leaves on the ground in your garden and not be too tidy

No room for two in this nest box.

A hedgehog self-anointing in the entrance of one of our garden nest boxes.

A hedgehog, we think it is female nest building in one of our garden nest boxes.

We had an interesting night/early morning. We were just going to bed and I had a quick look on the hedgehog nest box camera. To my surprise there was a female hog who looked if she was about to drop her first hog. She had come in at 23.38pm and we watched her for ages as she moved about expecting the hoglet to be born any minute. Then suddenly at 1.15am she got up and went out of the nest box complete with the hoglet half out. We watched for ages hoping that she would come back in but we both fell asleep. Checking the playback today she obviously didn't return. We are quite worried about her, was she having complications, why did she move? Maybe she moved to the other nestbox we have that doesn't have a camera in it! Update - Since then she came back to the nestbox the day after, all seems to be well.

A bit of nest building going on in the nest box.

Our hedgehog in its nest box.