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Hedgehog Feeding Station Videos


Here are some videos taken this year from our Hedgehog Feeding station camera.



A hungry hedgehog's two and a half hour feast with a three hour nap in between!

Hedgehog gets pushed upside down into the feeder station water bowl.

A video from one of our feeding stations. 'When you just have to reluctantly share'. It is tough being a junior in the Hog world.

Two hogs after the kibble in our Hedgehog feeder, one sits tight literally the other has to make do with a drink!

Two male hedgehogs having a bit of argy-bargy in the feeding station.

This a video of a male hedgehog that came into our feeding station. If you are not sure how to tell the difference between a male and a female hedgehog, look carefully at the undercarriage of this hedgehog!

Having added a microphone to our feeding station we can now hear them feeding. However this hog that came in just for a drink sounded a bit rough. We concluded that he was probably sick and possibly suffering from lung worm. We decided that we had better monitor the feeding station camera the following evening. Luckily for us he came in the just before 9.00pm and we picked him out of the feeder and popped him in one of our cat baskets with bedding and water and took in inside. The next day we took him to a rescue centre.

In this video a small hog spooks a larger one in the feeding station.

This is a video of a young hog that visits the feeding station on a regular basis.

This is a video of a mature hog. Unfortunately it seems that it is blind, however it seems to be managing OK

Judging by its size this is a younger hog that has been visiting the feeder.