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How we set up our wired Network

We thought that people might be interested in how we set up the wired network for our IP cameras.

The network wiring was put in by Jonathan using Cat6 cabling and Cat6 wall sockets. The switches are all gigabyte switches, although the IP cameras only run at 100mbs the gigabyte system gives us the speed for the Mac mini in the workshop and the Synology NAS in the garage.

Below is a diagram of our network with explanatory notes below.

Network Diagram

As you can see our router is in our study/office upstairs and a feed was put up to a 8 port POE switch in the loft. The external wiring to the garage and the workshop was taken in conduit down through the soffit and then down the right hand outside wall of the house. There is a 4 port POE switch in the workshop which feeds the Hedgepig feeder, this also gives network access to a Mac Mini PC that I have in the workshop. There is another feed that goes to a 4 port POE switch in the garage. This serves the Hedgepig nest box and the Blackbird nest camera. I also have running off the switch in the garage a Synology Diskstation NAS which is my system backup.