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Wildlife Webcams

Here are a few live wildlife webcams from other sites, we will try and add some more as and when they come on stream.

Our woodpigeons are back in their nest in the Hydragea! The woodpigeons laid two eggs on 31st May and the two eggs hatched on the 18th June.

If you want to see their live camera feed then go to this page.

Otherwise enjoy these webcams.

A great way to watch 30 live webcams all on one page! You can also easily click on the fullscreen icon on the bottom left of each window and watch one in fullscreen and then come out of fullscreen by clicking the icon again and selecting another one to watch full screen.


Knepp White Stork nest camera.

Watch Ealing’s Peregrine Falcons live on our webcam!

Big Bear Bald Eagle Live Nest - Cam 1

LIVE🦉Little Owl Camera Bommelerwaard (Steenuil Camera) indoor view

The Wakefield Peregrine Project - Live Box Camera

Owl nest box Amerongen - outdoor view

LIVE Barn Owls 🦉🐥, Stoats 🐾, Kestrels 🦅🥚, Tawny Owls 🦉 | From Fotherdale, Yorkshire, UK

Wildlife In The Forest | Fox, Badger, Deer, Marten, Birds - by Morten Hilmer

Live osprey nest camera at Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve.

3 chicks hatched! | Live Swift nest box | RSPB

Poole Harbour Osprey Nest Camera - Landscape View

Poole Harbour Osprey Nest Camera - Aerial View

LRWT - Manton Bay Ospreys Live Webcam (Wide Angle)

Duke Farms Eagle Cam

LIVE🦉Little Owl Camera Bommelerwaard (Steenuil Camera) indoor view

LIVE 🔴 Swift Bird Nest Camera | London, UK | Nest Box Live

LIVE Red Fox Den 🦊 | Robert E Fuller

Box Camera - FalconCam Project LIVE

Home of Bonnie and Clyde - Great Horned Owls

LIVE Nest Cam - Little Owls (Tiszalök, Hungary)

LIVE Nest Cam - Barn Owls (Ságvár, Hungary)

Live! Royal Albatross Cam - #RoyalCam - New Zealand Dept. of Conservation | Cornell Lab

Llyn Brenig Osprey Nest

Somerset Barn Owl Live Cam

LIVE Nest Cam - Great Tits (Veszprém, Hungary)

LIVE Nest Cam - Common Kestrels (Tiszalök, Hungary)

Somerset Wildlife Trust Barn Owl Webcam (external)

Somerset Wildlife Trust Barn Owl webcam (internal)

🦅 Dyfi Osprey Project (WALES): LIVE STREAMING 2024 in 4K 🦅

LIVE European Roller Nest Cam (Görbeháza, Hungary)