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Wildlife Links

Here are some wildlife links that you might find useful:

  • Birds on the brink - A grant awarding charity supporting bird conservation around the world. We aim to support causes with small grants that will do the most measurable good. It has a great free ebook that combines great photography, data and stories about bird population decline and the contributing factors.

  • British Trust for Ornithology - An excellent resource for all things to do with UK birds.

  • Impeckable - Makers of GRP Nesting Boxes and Feeders.

  • Peak Boxes - Makers of great Swift, Kestrel, owl and Bat combination nest boxes.

  • Portland Bird Observatory - A good site to keep an eye on as they record new migratory birds.
  • RSPB - The Royal society for the protection of birds. Useful bird identifier.

  • Trektellen - Website with the analysis of all the migration and bird counts from bird observatories around the world. Usefule for seeing the migration numbers of migratory birds like Swifts, House Martins and Swallows.
  • Plantlife - Wild flowers , plants and fungi are the life support for all our wildlife and their colour and character light up our landscapes. But without our help , this priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost.
Butterflies & Moths
  • Butterfly Conservation - Loads of information on Butterflies and how you can attract them to your garden.
  • Whats flying tonight - Great resource to know what moths are flying in your local area that evening. Just put in your postcode and it will give you a list with pictures.
Garden Wildlife
  • British Naturalist Association - Good identification guides.

  • Discover Wildlife - The BBC website for their Wildlife Magazine. Loads of interesting information on wildlife.

  • Garden Wildlife Health - A very useful site for information on the health of garden wildlife.

  • Garden Wildlife watching - How to Turn Your Garden Building Into a Wildlife Watching Room.

  • Help Wildlife - If you find a sick or injured wild animal, use this link to search for a rescue centre in your area.

  • Naturespy - Naturespy is a non-profit organisation that aims to research and protect wildlife whilst engaging local communities. our philosophy is to observe, research and showcase unique glimpses of uk and world wildlife in a non-intrusive and respectful way, and give others the skills and expertise to do the same.

  • People's Trust for Endangered Species - We’ve been standing up for wildlife for over 40 years. With the help of scientists, conservationists, landowners, and the general public, we’re working to protect our delicately balanced ecosystem by bringing our most threatened species back from the brink.

  • The Polinator Garden - Great information on garden polinators, with a great page on making and managing a bee hotel.

  • Wild About Gardens - The Wildlife Trusts and the RHS set up 'Wild About Gardens' to celebrate wildlife gardening and to encourage people to use their gardens to take action to help support nature.

  • Wildlife in the city - Wildlife in the City is a project led by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, with Nottingham City Council, to promote, protect and celebrate the nature reserves, wildlife sites and green spaces across Nottingham City.

  • British Dragonfly Society - This site covers all dragonfly-related topics, from their origins 300 million years ago to their species distributions across Britain today. Whether you’re a professional researcher, a BDS member, curious about the natural world – or all three – we hope you’ll find it a useful and interesting resource.

  • Buglife - uglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates. We’re actively working to save Britain’s rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice and jumping spiders to jellyfish.

  • British Bugs - Online identification of British Bugs (Hemiptera).

  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust - Loads of information on what you can do in your garden to attract and help bumblebees.